5 kind of jewellery ideas for mehandi

Mehandi is one the most important pre wedding ceremony in Indian marriages. The bride adorns her feets and hands with mehandi. Mehandi is considered as a shagun. The darkness of mehandi represents love. Is is a colorful, lively and musical celebration. Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding and wedding ceremonies. Here are some different kinds of jewellery designs for which a bride can go for on her mehandi ceremony.






"We all go through hard times in life. It’s a part of being alive and it's the reality we all have to deal with. There are times we forget our value as a person because we are so blinded with these thoughts of loneliness, emptiness and ego. Somewhere along the road we become numbed with all the frustrations and dissatisfaction. But life itself isn't always about darkness and sadness, Life is also filled with colors and that makes it beautiful. Along this path of darkness there's always light waiting to be seen by our daunted hearts. Our heart is gifted to see this light. It may be hiding behind those circumstances that we encounter; in a stranger we just met at an unexpected place; a family who has been always there but you just ignored because of your imperfect relationship with them; it might be a long time friend you have or a friend you just met. Open your heart and you will see how blessed you are to have them all in your life. Sometimes they are the light that…

All black

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." —Gianni Versace
Black is a color that you can wear any time, at any occasion, at any age, you can wear black almost everywhere, anytime. Black is always a centre of attraction. It can be matched up with any other color, a black or a white anyone can wear black, it looks nice to every tone.  Black is an essential to a women's wardrobe. It is the hardest color in the world and most liked color among all the colors.  "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color."- Wednesday Addams Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall  Black is always in trends. Coming back to the post, this shoot was done in between the hills of Nahargarh, Jaipur. Such a beautiful view that was, with a perfect sunrise and a peaceful morning. It's a perfect location for a photoshoot.  I'm wearing a black maxi top or you can say a cap top…

Desi love😍

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen

This is my very first post of the blog and I'm very exicted to get connected with you all through the medium of my blog. Here i can discuss about fashion, trends, outfits, beauty tips, travel, food etc. I very thankful to you for reading my blog. I choose to wear saree for my first post is because I wanted to wear an indian attire and to start up my blog with a desi look.
Coming back to my post..this shoot was done randomly at stairs of a building and at chokhi dhani, Jaipur. As i said i wanted to give a desi touch to the post and to represent the beauty of Rajasthan and our India, So, I choose chokhi dhani as the location.
Chokhi dhani is such an amazing place to visit. It is really very beautiful with complete rajasthani theme. You can have a good quality and very tasty indian food at chokhi dhani. 
This outfit is from Aari Tari, Jaip…