"We all go through hard times in life. It’s a part of being alive and it's the reality we all have to deal with. There are times we forget our value as a person because we are so blinded with these thoughts of loneliness, emptiness and ego. Somewhere along the road we become numbed with all the frustrations and dissatisfaction. But life itself isn't always about darkness and sadness, Life is also filled with colors and that makes it beautiful. Along this path of darkness there's always light waiting to be seen by our daunted hearts. Our heart is gifted to see this light. It may be hiding behind those circumstances that we encounter; in a stranger we just met at an unexpected place; a family who has been always there but you just ignored because of your imperfect relationship with them; it might be a long time friend you have or a friend you just met. Open your heart and you will see how blessed you are to have them all in your life. Sometimes they are the light that shines your path in some dark phases of life. Don't lose hope

Chanda Kaushik"

Never Lose hope, never ever...In this painting the girl is sitting alone and hopeless in between the darkness and due to that darkness she is not able to see the brightness which is waiting for her to enter in. She is so lost and hopeless in her own thoughts that she is not even realizing that their is a hope., she is not realizing that after a bad day their is a good day too, she is not realizing that their is a brightness in darkness too, she is not realizing that their is always a hope no matter what has happened or what is happening, their is always a light in the dark too, night doesn't lasts for long. After a long, scary and a dark night always comes a brighter and a happy day. Sometimes we all are so lost in our darkness and dark nights that we don't even realize that a new morning is waiting for us. As you'll not watch a serial or a movie without any drama or thrills, because it is too boring to watch such a serial or a movie which doesn't have any drama in it than how can we expect your life to be sorted,always. How can life be normal always how can we always have happy days. Life is the synonym of struggle and the more you struggle more you'll be happy. In this world nothing comes for free, not even the happiness. To get something you have to pay for that and this applies to the happiness too. To be happy, to have a smile on your face you have to overcome your fears and to accept the challenges that life gives you. You have to proof yourself, you have to proof that you are strong enough to face all those challenges and all those problems with a smiling face. You have to face all your problems very passionately.
If you'll lose hope than u'll lose everything. Life can't defeat you by the challanges that life gives to you but loosing hope can defeat you. 

So itz your choice that you want to defeat or to get defeated...!!!
Stay happy.. Keep smiling.. A new day is waiting😊

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